Why Choose the Wolf of Whistler to Sell Your Home?

If you are wondering how to find the best realtor to sell your house in Whistler, David Nagel (AKA the Wolf of Whistler) is known by locals as the top realtor for a number of reasons.

You are the Priority

When you list a home with the Wolf of Whistler, you become David’s highest priority. He makes himself available to clients anytime they need him and is always just a phone call away. David believes that he is only as good as his most recent sale, so every new listing gets his undivided attention. Always passionate, responsive, and invested, he is dedicated to making your home sell for more than anyone else could and giving you the best possible experience.

Experience and Reputation

David has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry as a developer, investor, and property manager. He has spent that time constantly improving his strategy and marketing techniques, and it shows. His broad spectrum of insight in the industry allows him to see things differently and spot opportunities that others with only a sales background would miss. David also has a reputation for creating ultra-high marketing materials and investing heavily in their distribution. Anyone can create materials, but if nobody sees them and/or they don't inspire people to take action, what’s the point? Content and distribution are what separates the Wolf of Whistler from the competition and allow him to draw enough attention to sell homes for top dollar.
David is consistently voted one of Pique Magazine’s Top 3 Realtors in Whistler and you need only glance at his past clients’ testimonials to know that people who work with him are extremely impressed with the way he does business.

Knowledge of the Local Market

As a local resident, David lives, works, and breathes Whistler. David brings his intimate knowledge of the community and the Whistler real estate market to selling your home, which gives sellers that list with him an edge. As a part of the community, David knows the ins and outs of every aspect of Whistler, from the lifestyle to the architecture. This allows him to market your listing in a way that attracts qualified buyers and the best price for your property.

Ready to Sell?

David Nagel works with anyone who aspires to own or sell in Whistler. He specializes in the luxury segment, but is happy to serve in the mid-market as well. It can be a $500,000 starter condo or a $20,000,000 luxury estate.
With a laser-like focus on the Whistler residential market, David will not get distracted with deals in the commercial arena or other markets. If you are interested in listing or buying with The Wolf of Whistler, get in touch today for more information.